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Quality Controlled

Daylight has been designing and manufacturing school uniforms and sportswear for NSW public and private secondary schools and colleges since 1995. Originally specialising solely in sportswear, our quality Australian made microfibre tracksuits and comprehensive range of sporting apparel remain integral to what is now a complete school clothing experience. Our product includes shirts, slacks, polo shirts, jumpers, tailored trousers, shorts, blazers and more.

Daylight currently supplies over 100 schools with their uniform needs. We have a very successful and proven ‘In-school uniform shop’ program currently operating in schools throughout NSW, with our remaining customers choosing our wholesale option. We have a reputation for high quality, leading-edge uniforms – boasting an innovative product line and a full extensive size range to ensure all our customers’ demands are met. Through strict quality control and with our own manufacturing facilities in Australia and China, Daylight is proud to offer a premium product and service.

As a testament to the quality of our sports uniforms, Daylight was contracted to supply NSW Men’s and Women’s Cricket with all training and merchandising apparel for a total of six years. We also manufactured tracksuits and shorts for the Australian Cricket team under contract with their sponsor. All items for these contracts are made in our state of the art production facility in Kingsgrove, NSW.

Our unwavering commitment to quality has driven our success to date, ensuring there is true ‘daylight’ between our competitors and us. We are well placed to support your future needs.


Daylight prides itself on its commitment to customer service. The combination of a professional approach, personal relationship and ongoing support ensures all our customer needs are met. More than just a business to business interaction, Daylight visits its schools regularly and is always just a phone call away.

Supporting our online sales platform will be an onsite uniform shop where parents and students can collect orders should they wish to avoid direct delivery fees. Students will also be able to utilise our uniform shop to try on different sizes to ensure they receive the best possible fit. Should your School prefer an online only arrangement, our team will ensure uniform shop representatives are present at school events such as orientations and open days, giving parents and students a chance to see different sizes and clothing options in person to take the guesswork out of the ordering process. They will then be able to place an appropriate order through our online store.

Daylight’s custom manufacturing process guarantees to produce uniforms to fit all your students. Daylight places great emphasis on customer service and meeting all your needs.

Part of your community

To demonstrate our commitment to the school sector, Daylight supports and sponsors a number of exciting initiatives.

These include;

Business Partner with the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council.

Annual “Southern Stars “performing arts spectacular for the Illawarra and South East region, as a Segment sponsor.

“The Daylight Cup” – an annual golf event held mid-year. All ‘In-school uniform shop’ schools are invited to enter teams of 4 to compete against each other in a day of fun activities. This event has proved very popular since its introduction in 2007.

In addition, Daylight understands the importance of working with the school community to implement the best possible arrangement for parents and teachers alike. As such, we will maintain regular opportunities for collaboration with stakeholders to identify opportunities to showcase our range and become more involved in school events. This may include hosting a stall at school fetes, supporting school-based initiatives and charity drives, and more. By working closely with parents and school community members, we are confident that our team will be able to successfully identify and fulfill the opportunities available to your school community.

Easy Barcode and Ordering Technology

To further demonstrate Daylight’s professionalism and commitment to customers, we have initiated a simple barcode POS technology system.

How it works is simple. Each item sold is scanned, automatically processing it into the system. At the end of a month, a transaction report is sent detailing all sales information. The school is guaranteed to know exactly what has been sold, and for how much, right down to the last cent.

In addition to our core on-site stores, Daylight maintains an intuitive online shopping platform with 24/7 ordering and direct postage to consumers or schools within 10 days. The platform contains all available uniform stock for perusal and ordering purposes, saving busy parents from needing to come in-store to purchase uniform supplies for their children. Importantly, we also maintain a flexible returns policy that ensures parents who order the wrong size for their children are able to exchange or return their order so as to obtain a suitable alternative.


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