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Open a shop

8 Easy Steps To Open a Store

  1. Call daylight on 02 4648 1006
  2. School  P&C Presentation
  3. Notify current Suppliers
  4. Uniform Design and pricing
  5. InForm Uniform Committee
  6. Select Contractor
  7. Receive production Samples
  8. Open your  Stocked shop

Store Fitout

Daylight is the most experienced on-site schoolwear supplier in NSW Public High Schools. We completely set up the store within a selected area of the school, and stock the complete range of uniform. There is no financial outlay or cost burden to the school. The stores are fitted with shelving, change rooms, fully computerised POS requirements (including wireless EFTPOS and banking information), samples racks, stationery and more. Relevant staff is trained in both product knowledge and operational procedures, ensuring schools are ready to go from day one.

Daylight hires a shop manager from within the school community (selected and approved by the school) to work a flexible number of hours per week. During peak periods, extra hours are often required. (We organise extra staff during these times.)

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