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The alternative to an ‘In-school uniform shop’ is our wholesale option. This simply involves a school being supplied with uniforms in bulk, direct from our factory. Once supplied, schools can distribute and sell as they wish.

In-School Shop

A rapidly growing part of our business is the very successful In-School uniform shop concept. This involves setting up a Daylight shop within the school grounds. A shop manager is employed by Daylight from within the school community to run the store and sell the items of uniform directly to the students, parents of students or carers. This proven and established formula involves an agreement between Daylight Schoolwear, the School and the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Design and prices are first agreed upon, followed by production samples.

Once these samples are approved, it’s time for final manufacturing. The on-site shop is a great way for schools to be involved in the process and provide an easy, visible way to purchase uniforms.

Online Shop

A third option is an ‘online uniform shop’ package to support your In-school uniform shop. For this method, an agreement is made with the school to supply all or part of the approved uniform. The convenience of online ordering is clear.